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Founded  in the United States in 2010, the International Diving Safety Standards Commission (IDSSC) is dedicated to the worldwide safety diving.
It is a standards organization, made up of the most important agencies of the diving around the world. The members of the Committee of the IDSSC have the ability to pass or fail the diver training programs if they are considered devoid of pedagogic and didactic support as well as if they are not appropriate for the place where they are applied, determined by the condition of diving.

The IDSSC membership is restricted to training agencies of divers who have their own standards and who were evaluated and approved by the Commission of the IDSSC. To become a member of IDSSC should contact for more information. All agencies of the world will be well received and oriented in the approval process. Our organization is the Divers Alert Network business member.



Advise divers and professionals, on techniques for safe and comfortable diving.
Investigate and stored in our database, all reports received about diving problems that occurred in different parts of the world.
Find solutions to each of the problems associated with diving, depending on the location and condition of underwater operations.
Keep-based philosophy that each diver is a person with a high human value and not a number with high level of trade.



To obtain information of our executives, please contact us for more information. Your directory is integrated by professionals from the sports diving, commercial diving and military diving.