Alfredo Contreras Guitian

Alfredo Contreras Guitian is one of the most experienced underwater cavers in the world. He is also a recreational diving instructor and scuba instructor trainer.

Alfredo Contreras Guitian


• ACUC Instructor Trainer Evaluator International (Since 1997)
• CMAS Instructor ***
• EANx Gas Blender Instructor (IANTD)
• EANx Instructor (IANTD)

Trainer Instructor in the following specialties ACUC:

• Night Diving
• Cave Diving
• Rescue
• First AID
• Oxygen Provider
• Underwater Photo-Video
• Sidemount
• Maintenance equipment
• Nitrox
• Archeology
• Cave Diver III (CMAS).

32 years as a diver and 26 of them as a diving instructor.
• He can provide detailed information on all dive sites Cuba.

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