Performance for Professional Divers.

IDSSC considers professional divers to be all those divers who are assigned an underwater job, both commercial and recreational, as well as public safety, scientific or archaeological research.

The physical preparation of professional divers and instructors is a fundamental aspect for active trainers. When we have people in charge, we must have our basic skills automated to fulfill our leadership role.
IDSSC adheres to perform at least once a year the aquatic skills test determined by the International Association of Diving Rescue Specialists I.A.R.D.S.

The IARDS Annual Watermanship Test, may be evaluated by diving supervisors or team leaders. All professionals who must have a medical qualification that enables them to perform the test.

I.A.D.R.S. Annual Watermanship Test.

Each company in particular may ask the divers, the appropriate examinations or tests for the safe development of their functions and according to the conditions of the region.