Code of Ethics and Conduct.

IDSSC members must commit to compliance with the principles set forth in this Code of Ethics and Conduct.

-They should comply, as a first step, with their country’s governmental diving regulations and add all appropriate rules and procedures to control the safety of the diving operation.
-Support the commission with good practices and compliance with the standards recommended by the IDSSC.
-Members must first respect the physical integrity of all divers, assistants, supervisors and personnel involved in dive operations, as well as the environment.
-Work so that the diving industry has high criteria of respect, companionship and solidarity around the world.
-Our performance will be based on honesty, justice, dignity, respect and integrity in all aspects of our business relationships.
-Do not allow situations of bullying, harassment, discrimination and exploitation in the workplace.
-Report to the organizations in charge of the control and enforcement of diving regulations, any anomaly detected that may endanger the integrity of divers and the environment.

Important: For psychological, social and technical reasons, IDSSC does not accept solo recreational diving or shark feeding diving.