Commercial Diving Standards

All organizations, agencies or diving companies must comply, as a first step, with the government regulations of their country and add if permitted, all appropriate rules and procedures to control the safety of the dive operation.

The IDSSC recommends the application the minimum commercial diving regulations to the OSHA (U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration) , ANSI/ACDE Standard that has been revised and approved by ANSI in 2015 and ADC Consensus Standard Revision 6.3.

Argentina has a regulation of professional diving, called internationally as commercial diving, which contains the rules and safety procedures for the development in your country.

OSHA Standards Training Requirements.

ANSI-ACDE Commercial Diving Standards 01-2015

US COAST GUARD Recommendations of Recreational Diving Operations

ARGENTINE COAST GUARD Regulation of Professional Diving

ADC Consensus Standard Revision 6.3 English

ADC Consensus Standard Revision 6.3 Spanish