Francesco Constantino

Francesco is a renowned and prestigious Italian commercial diver. Be part of the teaching team of the company Cedifop.


• Diving Supervisor as free lance for diving work as follows: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on hull, hull cleaning, survey, campaigns NDT, thruster removal and re-connection, replacement of anodes on vessels and oil-plant (e.g.: Pipelay ‘Solitaire’, Platform ‘  Ocean Endeover’, Platform “Emma Maersk”)

• Instructor or Examiner for Diver Medic training (IMCA certificate) and Instructor for refresher Diver Medic training (IMCA certificate). C.E. DI FO. P. had run minimum 2 courses per year for Diver Medic Technician and Refresher D.M.T. • O.T.S. – Underwater Technical Operator (CEDIFOP certificate)
• OTS courses instructor,
• TOP UP courses instructor,
• IDSA courses instructor
• IMCA instructor for DIVER MEDIC courses
• PADI Instructor
•  First aid and CPR instructor

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