Josualdo Moura

Josualdo Moura is one of the most experienced instructors of public security and technical buceo in Brazil. Officer of the Military Fire Department of Pernambuco, Certified Diving Instructor and Physical Education Teacher.


• Trainer Recreational Diving Instructor, Technical Diving and Public Safety Diving in over 20 specialties.
• 3 stars instructor CMAS;
• Instructor Trainer PDIC;
• Trainer and Instructor Certifier SSI;
• Instructor Trainer XR / SSI TXR;
• Trainer SDI instructor;
• Instructor Trainer TDI;
• Instructor Trainer ERDI;
• Platinum Pro 5000 Diver = Over 7500 Dives;
• Platinum Pro 5000 Instructor = More than 5750 points of
• Instructor Trainer and Instructor Evaluator SNSI. • SNSI Brasil Area Office Manager.

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