Mark Phillips

Mark Philips is a retired 35 year career firefighter and public safety diver. Mark served from 1979 to 2014. He is the editor and publisher of PSDiver Magazine – a free e-zine dedicated to public safety diving. Mark is involved in and is currently teaching and developing PSD specific workshops to improve the skills and safety of public safety divers in the US.


Member of SDI/ERDI Training Advisory Panel

  • ERDI Instructor
  • ERDI U/W Crime Scene Instructor
  • ERDI Body & Weapon Recovery Instructor
  • ERDI Full Face Mask Instructor
  • ERD Drysuit Ops Instructor
  • ERDI Tender Instructor
  • ERDI First Responder Water Safety and Response Instructor
  • ERDI Firefighter Water Survival Instructor
  • ERDI Still Water Surface Rescue Instructor
  • ERDI Workplace CPR/AED Instructor

Mark Philips is also an SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Instructor with more than 20 professional specialties. Some of them are Computer Diver Instructor, Search & Recovery, Full Face Mask, Dry Suit Diving, Oxygen Administration, Blood borne Pathogens and Adult and Child Emergency Care Instructor.

He has also been an Instructor for the most prestigious diving certification agencies such as PADI, IDEA, PSDA and IAPSD.

Mark Philips is a Former Faculty Member of the Underwater Institute at South West Texas State University – San Marcos TX, and Former instructor and co-developer of the Galveston Police Department Diving Academy (cleared by Hurricane Ike)

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