Our mission is to support divers, professionals and companies free of charge by recommending the latest standards and procedures for safe diving.
Stored in our database, all reports received about diving problems that occurred in different parts of the world.
Find solutions to the problems associated with diving, depending on the location and condition of underwater operations. Report to any anomaly detected that may endanger the integrity of divers and the environment.
Mantain the philosophy that every diver is a person with a high human value and not a number with high level of trade.


The IDSSC recommends and accepted most of the globally regulated diving standards and procedures adopted by international companies. In many cases, some criteria have been added through the commission, necessary to adapt the standards to more demanding diving conditions according to the reality of certain regions. The IDSSC objectives are:

-To take care of the integrity of the diver and the work team.
-Keep the levels of operational insecurity low.
-To optimize the resources of the divers and the companies.
-Promote the most complete diving standards.
-To give reference in those countries where they do not have National Standards
-To support the national standards of the governments and to be able to contribute in case it is requested.