Trace Malinowski.

Trace Malinowski is one of the most experienced recreational, technical and cave diving instructors in the United States. He is also a diver and free diving instructor, professional lifeguard and dive instructor trainer.

• International Training Director for all open-circuit sport, tech, cave,
freediving and technician programs offered by the Professional Scuba
Association International (PSAI) an ISO 9001 certified training agency
• 34 years diving with 100+ scuba and aquatics safety certifications
• Awards for 7,500+ lifetime dives and 1000+ cave dives
• 26 years teaching scuba in 9 countries having trained 625+ students
• Developed 20+ diver certification programs for two training agencies
• Board of directors for 6 organizations
• Co-Founder and president of the East Coast Freediver Club
• Expert travel guide for the St. Lawrence Seaway, Florida and Bahamian
Cave Diving, the Florida Keys, Cayman Islands, and Southern California

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